How it works?

How DEZIFOG works and what the benefits of this system are.

Fog disinfection is
innovative and unique

DEZIFOG disinfectant liquid – developed and manufactured in Lithuania using innovative technology.

Fog generators use internal heating elements to convert the disinfectant into a mist. The mist in the room disinfects the air and surfaces. It reaches places that are not normally accessible because it penetrates even the smallest gaps.

More effective up to
1700 times

DEZIFOG® liquid is formulated according to a special formula that enables the disinfectant agents to be easily transferred by fog.

When spreading the fog containing disinfectant agents, not only horizontal, but also vertical surfaces are covered.

DEZIFOG disinfectant is so effective that it kills airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi, thus preventing them from settling on the surface.

The droplets of disinfectant dispersed in the aerosol spray are extremely fine (1–3µ). Meanwhile, in standard spraying, the drops are 100 times larger. This allows DEZIFOG® to penetrate the smallest cavities.


Propylene glycol
Often used in pharmaceuticals, food industry. Safe for health.

Isopropyl alcohol
It is a liquid with extremely high disinfectant properties. Used for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection in healthcare facilities.

Quaternary ammonium cation
The liquid has disinfectant properties with an efficiency of up to 99.99%. Used to disinfect both horizontal and vertical surfaces.


DEZIFOG® disinfectant
droplet size


regular disinfectant
droplet size

How is DEZIFOG different from regular disinfection?


  • An automatic fog generator that can operate without maintenance
  • No specialised staff required
  • Disinfecting 100 m² premises only takes 15 seconds!
  • The fog has a particle size of 0.1 to 10 microns, which ensures a high spread of disinfectant droplets on all surfaces
  • Complete air purification
  • No need to cover equipment, plants, documents
  • Leave the room closed, no ventilation required. Can be used after 90 minutes
  • Fresh orange scent

Standard disinfection

  • Sprayed by hand
  • Specialised staff is needed
  • Disinfecting a 100 m² area takes about 60 minutes
  • When spraying mist, droplets in the millimetre range are formed, which settle very quickly on a horizontal surface
  • Partial air purification
  • It is necessary to cover equipment and plants
  • After disinfection, the room has to be ventilated for 2 to 4 hours
  • An unpleasant odour may linger

Easy to adapt
to different objects

Stationary indoor application

DEZIFOG® devices can be installed permanently, or connected to alarm or control systems.

The devices are used in:
  • Offices
  • Medical institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Shops, cafés, restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Leisure spaces
  • Manufacturing companies, logistics centres


The battery and current transformer integrated in the trolley provide constant electricity and allow the device to be transported from one room to another.

The devices are used in:
  • In buildings that have many separate other premises
  • In vehicles (buses, trains, planes, cars)
  • For one-time disinfection of premises
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